30 March 2010

spring fashion week - wednesday

over the past few days i've found several blog round-ups, and really enjoyed going through and seeing how everyone interprets the challenge or answers the question. it's like watching project runway or top chef (guilty pleasures), but just the good part at the end where you see the finished products. =)

so, when i went rabbit-holing on a friend's blog and ended up on emery jo's fashion week, i really wanted to play along. this round-up doesn't require making furniture/renovating a house/sewing anything/cooking fabulous foods--just getting dressed. i'm totally in. =)

so here's my wednesday look:

blouse: thrifted (originally banana republic)
jeans: thrifted (some italian brand)
scarf: thrifted/vintage
shoes: dsw
earrings: peru

i'm pretty sure every pair of pants i own was thrifted. madison has some amazing goodwill stores. it's dangerous that there's one on my way to work. =)