18 August 2010

checking in

medical school is everything i thought i would be, and more. including the i'm-barely-keeping-my-head-above-water feeling. (yikes!)

i've heard a professor describe the pancreas as "flirtatious." (actually, his initial description was "lascivious," which is an excellent word.)

i have another professor who frequently professes his love for the liver. he's also swiss; someday, i'm going to wear my ich liebe meine leiber shirt, and maybe i'll get extra credit.

i have [unintentionally] dropped nasty dissection bits down the inside of my shirt.

i have actually gotten tired of mac-and-cheese...after eating it two meals a day for a week straight.

i have made so many trips to target and ikea that i've lost count.

i've somehow broken the new blog i was going to debut for friends and family to keep in touch with us. =/

i've only gotten more than six hours of sleep one night since the beginning of august, and that was when i went back home to madison for the weekend.

i've had to get over my inherent trepidation of city highway driving.

i've been told i "should charge admission to see [my] dissections." =)

i've already used up my 500-page printing credit. (?!?)

i have a scheduling/organization system that WORKS! =)
...and not enough hours in the day to do all the studying i schedule for myself. =/

i have honed my craigslisting skills and acquired new furniture...for free.

i've gone through oakland, and i survived.

i've learned crazy-awesome things about my own body, and how to use omm to help it heal.

i have a mid-term exam on monday.

medical school, and life on the left west coast is everything i'd hoped for,
and like nothing i could have expected,
and i have no idea what i'm doing,
but there's nowhere else i'd rather be.


  1. Contests! LOLed at the "flirtatious" pancreas :)

  2. Man I found out more from your blog about CA than your grad party! :P

    Some of these make me really happy (ich liebe mein lieber! and charging admission to see your dissections) and some make me sad (not enough sleep? booooo).

    Miss you.

  3. Hang on for the ride! It'll be worth it!