08 May 2010

pie for the win!

(from jezebel.com)

however, as happy as i am that pie has ultimately triumphed (though i love me some cake, don't get me wrong), i am kind of irked at specifically which pie it was that won. cheesecake? really? yes, cheesecake is definitely pie rather than cake, but it's also somewhere in the middle ground. if i were in charge of this cake vs. pie bracket i'd have pie win, to be sure, but it would be a flaky pastry, fruit filling, masterpiece of a pie.


1 comment:

  1. ugh, cheesecake, really? it doesn't even have pie in the name! pumpkin or even apple are much better choices, not to mention brambleberry or someone's awesome granola bar pie, or LEMON EGG CUSTARD pie!

    I say we bypass the whole 'pie vs. cake' option, and go straight to ice cream. :)