02 April 2010

fashion week friday

it didn't rain like expected, so my footwear is sadly not my lovely puddle-jumpers, but my crocs ballet flats (comfy yet still cute! i am a big fan). anyway, here's today's look for fashion week:

shirtdress: h&m (this season--woohoo! i rarely ever get new things)
boots: hunter wellingtons
earrings: gift from my brother

my favorite part about this picture? the jessica rabbit hair. i am definitely going as her some halloween--i want.that.dress. =)


  1. Yellow Hunter Boots! Oh my, love :)

  2. Wow, you look SOOO amazing! Blue with yellow is the BEST and I'm totally going to copy this outfit someday. That dress is so flattering on you!

    P.S. You DO look like Jessica Rabbit! Lucky...

  3. Yellow is my new favorite color. Those boots are awesome!

  4. you and I bought the exact same dress from h & m. who said something about having similar fashion tastes....? :)