04 April 2010

fashion week sunday

big thanks to emery jo at moms are for everyone! for hosting spring fashion week 2010! it's been fun to see what everyone comes up with each day, and interact with other blog ladies (rather than my usual lurking tendencies).

my outfit for the last day of fashion week is simply what was left clean in my suitcase after a long weekend trip. the majority of the day was spent in the six hour drive back home, so i didn't care much for looks. since it was easter and all, i went fancy-schmancy and put on my pearls. (otherwise known as: i wore them on the drive down and so didn't bring the bag to keep them safe in baggage.) =)

here's the breakdown:
black top: thrifted, originally express
jeans: thrifted, old navy sweethearts and my current favorite jeans ever
bag: peru
necklace: gift from dad
shoes (not pictured): black converse low-tops
glasses: the exact same frames as my six-years-younger twin sister...i got mine first. =)

and on the husband (which is, as he said, pretty much the same every day):
t-shirt: free from somewhere (this case: georgia tech american nuclear society; it says "get a half-life" on the back.)
jeans: who knows, possibly from high school
chacos (not pictured): rei, going on five years ago
hat: levine hat co. in st. louis (a quasi-impulse buy on friday)
ring: custom-designed mobius twist, his idea

i married a nerd...i love him. =)

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  1. Thanks for participating! It was fun to see your outfits. Love the pearls. :)