23 April 2010

look what i made!

last week, while my husband was out of town landing his dream job in san francisco, i was taking this:

(image source here)

and turning it into this:

all by myself, with just a power drill, a hand plane, and a staple gun.

well, almost all by myself. the helpful young man at the hardware store cut all my lumber to size for me, and the mister (when he came home) helped me sand between stain coats. but all the building, and the upholstering, even the design conversion, that was all me. =)

i used the modern farmhouse bench plans posted by ana at knock off wood as my starting point, and modified the sizes to suit my needs. i used two coats of miniwax red chestnut stain (the pictures are kind of dark; it's lighter in real life) to finish my stud-grade pine boards (i'd never have believed now that they were stud grade, and i built the thing!) and remnant-bin decor fabric (it's a little lighter than canvas in weight and texture) for the cushion.

more pictures, you say? well, i am happy to oblige.

(the bench part is removable.)

i am quite pleased. i foresee much more furniture building in my future. yay! =)

linked up with miss mustard seed's furniture feature friday.
Knock-Off Wood


  1. Good job!! It feels so good to build things with your own hands and see the finished product, doesn't it?

  2. You did a great job! I really like the green fabric remnant. I just picked up some fabric myself today. A weakness of mine :)

  3. Good for you! You should feel very proud of yourself. :)

  4. Excellent! It is so much fun when you see the end result! Be safe on your trip to Haiti. Thanks for stopping over. Debbie

  5. Wow! This looks amazing. I'm totally impressed.