13 April 2010

st. louis recap

we took a nice little roadtrip to st. louis over easter weekend. this was the first time in a loooooong time that i have traveled just for the heck of it. most of my miles have been charted due to some dance-related event, or missions trips, or school events. i'm pretty sure that the last time i was on a trip for no other reason than to be on a trip was when my family went to disneyworld when i was ten.

here's the breakdown:

scariest part? feeling the car stop responding to me at 70mph on the freeway. (we ran out of gas...in the middle of nowhere, southern illinois.)

most awesome part? just about everything about city museum, and all the stuff we climbed on there. i literally got my pants stuck on the ceiling--while wearing them, of course. =)

sketchiest part? buying booze behind bullet-proof glass and a one-way pass-box.

trippiest part? watching "spirited away" while/after drinking copious amounts of said booze.

tastiest part? classic deep-dish pizza and apple pie at pi pizzeria.

most gratifying part? scoring an absurdly low price on a nice hotel downtown, within walking distance of almost everything we wanted to do.

nerdiest part? oh, that's a toss-up between specifically seeking out pi pizzeria (and taking photos of the bathroom?) and geeking out over everything at the science center.

thanks, st. louis. it was fun.

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  1. That looks like such fun and congrats on being blogged about, that's a really cute photo on that site!!!