03 April 2010

fashion week saturday

for our last spring break as students, the husband and i decided to take a long weekend trip to st. louis. actually, it was more that i decided i wanted to go to st. louis, asked him if we could take a mini-vacation, told him that i was going to plan it and not tell him where we were going, and then less than a week later told him the destination because i was just too excited not to. turns out, he'd already guessed it. he's a smart man...and i'm pretty transparent. =)

so, unlike the other days thus far in fashion week where i've been actually concerned with looking cute (which is atypical), today is more reflective of my usual clothing-decision-making process: is it clean? check. is it suited to my day's activities (which today means downtown sightseeing and science museum exploring)? check. does it have pockets so i can stash stuff? sadly, this skirt does not, but since i want to carry things that don't fit nicely into pockets (camera, umbrella that perfectly matches my yellow rain boots) i'll be carrying a bag anyway.

so here's today's breakdown:

shirt: target, several years ago
skirt: target, last summer (LOVE it)
shoes: crocs ballet flats
earrings: peru

and a bonus shot, since my husband took the pictures today. he said this wasn't a cleavage shot, it was "my best angle." clearly, i'm flattered. =)