27 July 2010

america, the beautiful

o beautiful, for spacious skies
for amber waves of grain
for purple mountain majesties
above the fruited plain...

we saw everything mentioned in that song, and more.

because we've been saying for ages that we wanted to take a trip, just the two of us, and because my husband and i moving to california provided the perfect opportunity, my best friend and i spent four days on the road, driving over 2,300 miles from the nation's heartland all the way to the left west coast.

we saw the familiar woods and farmlands of wisconsin. we saw the endless plains of iowa and nebraska.

we saw mountains upon mountains upon mountains--and every range completely different!

we saw expanses of majestic beauty that made us feel oh so very small, and put us in awe of the Creator of it all.

(by the way, mountains don't fit in the camera, so you'll just have to go see it yourself.)

we went nearly 100 miles with no sign of civilization but the road stretching out before us under the stars. we saw so many incredibly beautiful sights, we longed for suburbia to re-appear so we could have something mediocre to look at for once...and even that was interesting.

and finally, we came to my new home.

oh, p.s.? that best friend i mentioned?

you should go say hi. it's her birthday! =)


  1. oh my gosh I am freaking out at how good some of your photos are! are mine going to be that awesome, or did you do anything to change them?

    ps. I am going to blog about our trip as well. :)

  2. yours will be that awesome--these are all SOTC, sweaty-lens-smudges and windshield-bug-splatters and all. =) actually, some of them--the dinosaur one and everything from the lake onward--actually ARE your pictures, since that's when my camera batteries died. =) i am bummed, though, that we didn't think to get a shot of your kmart spoils--the cute shoes were a definite plus!

  3. hi! this is michael from over at inspiredbycharm ... i wanted to email you about your fabric question, but i couldn't find your email.

    it's actually a tablecloth. i got it from target about 2 years ago. it was from their orla kiely collection. sadly they don't sell them anymore, you could try ebay... 'search orla kiely target'

    thanks for stopping by..

  4. Those are some gorgeous pictures! That sounds like a great trip :)