17 July 2010

summer fashion week - saturday

sorry for the blank posting initially - i was attempting to post from an iphone...it did not go well. =)

it's been really great to see everyone's different take on summer as well as the way this online community of mostly strangers comes together to encourage and complement and congratulate. check out all the rest of the fun of summer fashion week over at moms are for everyone!

saturday was one of the busiest days i've had in a very long time--i was the personal attendant, aka "make-stuff-happen girl," at a friend's wedding. it was a long day. it was a hot (!) day. it was a joyful day. most importantly =), here's how i looked:

dress: this dress from david's bridal, in "sangria."

seriously, people, probably my favorite dress ever! i didn't *have* to wear it, my attendant's clothing wasn't dictated like the bridesmaids' dresses were, but this was a perfect choice and more. it's 100% COTTON (perfect on a hot july day!), has a flattering cut with which i could wear a normal bra (albeit a change-the-straps-around-a-gazillion-ways one), and it has pockets! i carried the bride's iphone (same one i unsuccessfully attempted to blog on) around all day with the master list of what was happening--as well as sunscreen, duct tape, matches and my wallet--and no one could tell. i LOVE pockets! =)

i also got to wear flowers in my hair all day, and a wrist corsage that i made myself (i did all the of the flowers for this wedding). the hair stayed up and in place all the way through the night! how did that happen?!?

the best part of this wedding--other than the lovely couple, of course--was something that was also a major hit at our wedding last august: a photobooth! =) great fun...

i love weddings! =)


  1. yes yes and yes! this dress is awesome! the fit, the color, the POCKETS. you looked great. :D

  2. Yay for bathroom photos! haha You look great.