13 July 2010

summer fashion week - wednesday

day three of the summer fashion week blog fun, hosted by emery jo! i'm really enjoying seeing what everyone puts together. =)

this outfit is actually from sunday. seeing as today's agenda was moving furniture and vacuuming a decade's worth of dust and debris, my attire was man-shorts and a gym shirt. not fashionable in the least. (but it's not like i didn't warn you...)

sunday was church in the park, and then madison's art fair on the square. this means: comfortable, walk-able, and a big hat to protect me from that glowing orb in the sky that burns:

shirt: modcloth
awesome purple shorts: thrifted
chacos: ebay?
hat: ???

and hey look, my hair is finally long enough to braid again!


  1. I am really liking that shirt. It looks so light and comfy.

  2. I like the shirt very much - especially the rolled up sleeves and the stitching, it is really special.

  3. so cute!! perfect for an art fair! :) that shirt is amazing....

  4. I love the shirt! Such pretty detail.

  5. Big sun hats are such a must for summer! Yours is super cute.

  6. Goodness don't you look fresh-faced and lovely! Way to look cute while saving your skin!

  7. Oh, this is so beautiful and summery. You look great.

  8. Oh, and p.s. I'm filming an out-of-town wedding on the 24th so I dunno yet if I'm going to be back in SF on Sunday but I'll find out asap and get back to you on that. It would be SOOOO great to meet up with you guys!!! I think it can happen...