18 July 2010

summer fashion week - sunday

the end of summer fashion week...boo! be sure to get over to moms are for everyone! to check out what everybody has come up with--there's some great stuff! it's been so fun to be a part of. =)

shirt: h&m
jeans: thrifted
sandals: kohl's (though i've also seen them at target)

this isn't an outfit i've actually worn yet, but it's planned for a day that's technically still summer, although the start of school always seems to herald the start of autumn. i'd like your feedback...

people, i start medical school in two weeks. two weeks!!! and i think this is what i want to wear on the first day. i haven't worried about what i wore to the start of school since i started high school, so i feel silly about it now, but...this is medical school! i'm going to be one of the youngest people there! we're supposed to be real adults now! there's a lot of pressure! =)

so, tell me what you think--first-day-of-(medical!)-school appropriate? casual, but not overly so? fun and flattering? does it say "i'm smart! i'm fun! be my friend! join my study group!"? please be honest. =)

thanks for playing along. let's all keep up the encouragement we've been showering on each other all week! it's been awesome.


  1. Hey! I have that same shirt! We could be twiiinnnsssss. I think it's a GREAT first day outfit. The jeans make it casual, the shirt is dressy. Overall it says, "Hey! I put enough effort into my look so you know I'm clearly a person of self-awareness and good hygiene but I'm not sooo super nervous about being here that I went over the top... so you should come talk to me."

  2. katie, how could you be anything but adorable?

    I like this outfit. It isn't over the top - it says "I'm professional - but it still has fun and color - it says "I'm a neat person!"

    you're such a big, grown-up girl. ;)

  3. P.S. You mentioned an SF swing dancing scene? Heck yes! I may suck, but I love it... so count me in :)

  4. Medical school??? Congrats! That's exciting. I think it's a great first day outfit. I love the color of the shirt on you.

  5. I agree. the color looks great on you and it looks professional while still being young and student-like. I don't know you, but it looks like it displays your personality well, which is good. it's cute. I'd wear it on my first day of med school.

    btw, congrats to making it to med school miss smarty pants! :)

  6. Okay, I wasn't very ASAP about getting back to you about this weekend but the wedding is in Tahoe and we'll be filming 'til 11 so I don't think I'll be back in the city until evenin' and I'm probably gonna be wiped out. Are you gonna be back my way soon? If not, I may subject you to a tired, frumpy me on Sunday if it works with everyone's schedule. Email me at RachLovesYou (at) gmail and we'll figure it out!