01 July 2010

summertime, and the living is easy...

...well, actually, it's not.

kind of crazy-busy, actually. slightly overwhelming.
but all in all, good.

good, because we are in the middle of some huge changes that, although stressful, bring new and exciting adventures.

good, because i am tying up loose ends and finishing old projects and reminiscing about people i love and good times we've had.

good, because i am deliberately enjoying the unique and wonderful things that define this place i have come to call home, and will soon have to leave.

time to get off the computer. i'm going to go have a drink at the terrace, make my peace with the sun, and pretend my life is easy now in the summertime.


  1. It's hard to think that, soon, we'll know more about our lives from our blogs then from actually seeing the places we're talking about... you know?

  2. Big changes, good or bad (though I always prefer good of course, make me feel alive like nothing else.