12 July 2010

summer fashion week - monday

here's the thing about summer fashion:

i don't do it.

i spend most of my summer in just-slop-something-on-because-it's-not-socially-acceptable-not-to clothing, and avoiding the HOT at all costs. and the SUN. gah. i don't do very well with either one.

however, this week i am making an exception, because i do so love to play dress-up, and because there happened to fall quite a number of exceptional events that all pull me out of my normal tank-top-and-gym-shorts summer attire. (however, as i observed this evening at a Gathering of Good Friends, i'm still firmly stuck in the boho-flower-child revamp that was fashionable when i was in high school. but you know what? i'm okay with that.)

first off: this was actually last saturday's outfit, for attending a wedding. (you see what i mean with the flower-child?)
dress: modcloth (summer 2009)
earrings: some random place in madison
bracelet: ????

and oh, hey, look:

*linking up with emery jo's summer fashion week - yay!*


  1. what a stunning dress! i LOVE it!

  2. love the dress but also your hair! is that a flower in the side? love it.

  3. Well, wouldja just LOOK at you! What a beautiful lady in a beautiful dress. You could be in a painting of spring (or summer!)