15 July 2010

summer fashion week - thursday

check out what everyone's got going on during the summer fashion week! =)

this outfit is from going out dancing last night. we swing dance, which means that ease of movement and willingness to get clothing sweaty and gross is necessary. sadly, last night was my last night swing dancing in our local scene. =/ there's plenty of dancing to be had where we'll be moving to, but this is my scene and these are my people, you know? this was the first thing i got plugged into when i moved to madison, and has been the source of much enjoyment and great friendships (and my husband!).

vest: target (it swirled around like a cape when i was dancing! awesome!)
tank top: probably target?
gauchos: also target (i think they're technically pajama bottoms, but i wear them all over)
ginormous pearl earrings: free from an etsy seller when i bought a necklace
pearl & gem bracelet: gift from a friend recently returned from china

oh, hey, check out my shoes, too:

i call them my "there might be dancing shoes." they're not "real" dance shoes, but rather a sweet pair of wedges (naturalizer brand, bought on zappos) that i had re-soled with hard leather for dancing. they're cute and functional and non-dance-specific, so i can wear them to events (such as weddings) where i may want good shoes for dancing, while not having to bring a second pair, since "real" dance shoes often can't be worn as street shoes, since you'll damage the soles and the "real" dance floors at "real" dance venues. =) i got these for our wedding, and can't figure why i didn't do it sooner!


  1. Beautiful shoes! They remind me of ballet for some reason.

  2. Those shoes are fantastic! I love that you had them re-soled for dancing! They remind me of the shoes my elegant British dance instructor used to wear - I always wanted a pair.

  3. Oooh, I would love to see that vest swirl out! You're making me want to go out dancing!

  4. Those shoes are great, and I love how you made them multi-purpose. Re-soling shoes is a great way to give them more life.

  5. Last night of dancing??? Oh, and I crapped out because it was so hot. Trevor and I went swimming and then to bed after that! bummer...wish I had known that...bummer! Well I'll see you at your goodbye party!